Planting Gospel Churches in Small Towns

Our denomination's magazine, By Faith has a recent article that was very encouraging to me.  The article was titlet, Planting Gospel Churches in Small Towns.  Here are some take aways:

  1. “Wherever there’s the curse, there needs to be the Gospel, and the curse is very much present in small towns.”
  2. Small towns are never “financial hubs,” Coyer points out. And numerical growth is limited. That brings financial challenges, which often require the church planter to be bi-vocational. 
  3. “You need to figure out what you can do well and keep it simple. It’s a more organic than programmatic approach to ministry.”
  4. Another common challenge is relationships. People tend to stay in small towns because of lifelong friends and family, which means long-time residents don’t need new friends. That makes it hard to create small groups and build community.
  5. Church planting in small towns is a long-term process. “These are not areas for someone with a short-term view of growth,” Coyer advises. Herrera agrees. “You have to think, ‘This is going to be my home, it’s where I’ll serve long term.’ [We’re planting] a church that will be here for generations.’”  

Would love to hear your thoughts!